The Moment

If you know me you know working out is my favorite activity. It is challenging, keeps me in shape, it is fun, but the thing I like most about it is being aware of nothing except working out. I do not achieve this by running, reading, working, playing video games or anything else. One of the best feelings in the entire world is being 100% immersed in the present. When this is fully achieved nothing else matters except what is happening at that exact moment. A tricky part about being in the moment is you do not realize it until you are no longer in the moment. If you are able to know that you are in the moment then you actually are not fully in the moment. It usually occurs to me a few minutes after I complete a workout. I think to myself that I was not thinking about that bad thing that happened today, the project that I am falling behind or anything else. Being in the moment is such an awesome feeling and I am lucky to have an activity that I can regularly get lost in the moment.


It does not have to be working out or even something physical. It can be a great book or maybe meditation. Whatever the activity may be I recommend that you try to find this. It feels so good to relieve your head from the thousands of thoughts that usually fill it.


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