Diets and stuff

Many times a week I get questions about working out and diets and things of that nature. I love getting questions on this subject and love to help in anyway way possible. I love seeing people improve themselves. I am not a personal trainer (no certifications, although I think I am better than most) and certainly not a doctor or dietitian. However I do feel like I have information that many people do not possess. I have tried several different diets for reasons spanning from having a 6-pack to being able to run over a 6’2″ 240 lb linebacker. I would say the average person asks me about 1 of 2 things. 1. How can I lost weight/get cut up. 2. How can I get bigger/stronger. I want to talk about the first…

Usually when I discuss #1 I find that most people already know what needs to be done. I feel like this is similar to financial decisions. For the most part we know what we need to do, we just need to do it. Most people find seem a little disappointed when I tell them what they already know as if there is some kind of magical bean that will allow you to drop 3 dress sizes and loses all fat on your stomach. There is no secret! Whatever the current diet fad is now will most likely produce the same results as last year’s and the fad diet from 5 year’s ago. With that being said the diet is only a vehicle in reaching your goals. You are the driver! What I mean by this is just owning a car will not get you from point A to point B. You have to get in and drive it. You can paleo all you want (own the car in the drive way) but if you aren’t consistent and dedicated to it you’re not going to go anywhere! I am not anti-diet, but the diet is not the important part. Unless it is the “Eat 15 pieces of pizza for breakfast and 5 scoops of ice cream for dinner diet” you will probably lose weight and cut up if you committed to it.

A note about specific diets

Each person is different and what may work for me might not work for you. Also, the difference of all the diets out there are YOUR specific goals. It is fun to manipulate your body with food by trying out different diets. It’s like a big puzzle that produces a 6-pack or 500 lb squat. But make sure you do your due diligence when looking into what diet you want to try but remember, you probably already know the general guidelines to achieve your goal.

Figure out your goals, know how you are going to get there, most importantly commit yourself and DO IT!!!

Next thing you know you will be lookin’ hot on the beach in that sassy new zebra-striped bikini!!


Open workout #1 and other stuff

Well, after Friday’s performance in open workout 13.1 I feel very confident in saying that this year is definitively not my year. We still have 4 more workouts but I am sitting around 260ish out of 6700 and only the top 48 make it. I still plan on working hard on the rest of the workouts but making a comeback is not likely. As I have said before, I am still training for next year’s season. I just do not move as efficiently as the elite athletes. These people make everything look so effortless and I am sure while I was doing my set of 20 burpees it did not look effortless by any means.

With that being said, the open is a great time of year! It seems like half of my friends on FB have posted about their completion or scores of 13.1. People who I had no idea even CF’d are posting stuff. Knowing that everyone suffered through the exact same workout as I did is a pretty cool feeling. Everyone feels the same amount of suck that was 13.1. I cannot wait to see what workout 13.2 will bring us and, hey, maybe I can redeem my suckiness.

Today begins my new diet of carb back-loading. Basically, I fast until around mid day. I am currently sipping on an “AM Ignitor Formula” which is coffee, coconut oil, and 10g’s of protein isolates. It tastes pretty good. After the fast I will eat a meal of protein and veggies. Before training very little amounts of “usable” carbs should be ingested, <30 grams.  I will train at 6 PM and upon completion take a shake. The magic happens about an hour after this. This is when the carb back-loading begins. I am supposed to eat all of the junky carbs I can to refuel my system. Pastries, doughnuts, pizza, white bread, most high glycemic foods will do. With this being said, the author clearly states that this diet does not give you liberty to go to McDonald’s and pound 2 double cheeseburgers every night. However, a CF games athlete did tell me he at a pint of ice cream every night for a few months! CBL is hormone manipulation. You take advantage of insulin spikes for growth and strength.

I enjoy trying new diets and seeing what they do or do not do for me. For instance, in  January I did Paleo for the first time and gave up alcohol completely. I lost about 13 lbs! I have not weighed that much since middle school. Looks-wise, this diet was spectacular. The downfall of this diet was the performance. My maximal lifts did not go down much, if any, but my endurance was terrible! If the going got tough at all I did not get going. Below is my rating of Paleo. As far as the food goes it was not that bad. has some awesome recipes for in cooking n00b out there. I think a good portion of the weight loss and appearance had to do with the lack of alcohol, I do not drink that much but I do like a glass of wine or a couple beers at the end of the day.

Weight Loss – 9/10
Physical Appearance – 9/10
Performance – 4/10
Food Tastes – 8/10

Also, my girlfriend gave me the most awesome Valentine’s Day gift! Isn’t this bottle awesome!?!?! I know the pic is a little late but so was the gift! (not her fault, and I still cannot figure out how to rotate images :-/ )