So far off to an okay start

So today marks day one of The Outlaw Way camp upon New Orleans. It was awesome. We basically just worked to a max single in both snatch and clean and jerk. The way it was set up was they had several bars spread out on the floor, some for guys some for girls. We got with people that we thought may have similar lifts and lifted with them. I ended up lifting its some pretty strong dudes. I hit a power (have to learn the squat) snatch PR at 245#. A dude hit 260# which was pretty awesome to watch. I truly believe if I can get the squat down I’ll be at 270# soon but that is a HUGE if. Then we went to clean and jerks. Everyone likes them more. They are much less technical in most people’s opinions. I hit my old PR of 325# and went up to 335#. I hit the clean easily but missed the jerk. Rudy (coach) talked to me about the dip and that I was going too low. So I jump back on the bar. This time he makes them turn off the music and announces the lift to the entire camp of 89 people(ish). Now I’m excited. I like this kind of pressure. I clean it up with relative ease and go for the jerk thinking about the corrections. This time I do a short dip, drive up the bar but can’t get under it! Pissed. Other than that is was fun. I lifted with some pretty strong dudes and learned some new coaching points in which I need to improve. I’m excited to learn more technique and do a couple of workouts tomorrow.

Now that is all of the positive stuff. Honestly, I am pretty upset at tonight’s outcome. I did PR I’m snatch and tie one in C&J but I left so much weight on the table. If I can simply squat on the snatch and get under the bar n the jerk they’re there! I have to keep telling myself to keep practicing and it will come but I am very frustrated. I want to be the best and I’m simply no where even close. It was awesome lifting with these full-time, professional competitive exercisers. I would love nothing more to be able to do that one day. Own a box or work at a box, make people better all while having the time and resources necessary to be an elite exerciser. On well, for now I have to get my oly pics lifts up where they need to be.

Cannot wait until tomorrow. What’s better than 3 days off if work and exercising from 8-5?? Nothing!

Also I’m hella sore from an hour and a half of maximal lifting but it hurts so good!


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