Camaraderie, massages, and expensive red wine

Today The gym had the hero WOD, JT, posted today. JT is 21-15-9 reps of handstand push-ups, ring dips, then regular push-ups. Needless to say it’s an extremely tough triplet that destroys your triceps on all 3 exercises. There were too many people today to go all at once so we ran it in two heats. As the first was going the second group cheered them on and visa versa. This is when I began to think about the camaraderie that comes with CrossFit. I’m not talking about seeing some dude with a sleeveless shirt and Innov8s on at the mall and saying something stupid like, “I love doing Fran.” or some dumb CF joke. Nor am I talking about following the crossfit main site on Facebook and “liking” a post or commenting on it. That isn’t camaraderie. The camaraderie I am talking about is when I small group of people struggle together to complete a common goal. The goal in this case is to finish. Watching everybody will each other to completion is awesome. What feels even better is finishing a workout, laying in sweat and looking to your left and right and seeing two people feel exactly how you feel. We all did the same thing. We are all on the same team. Working out at my gym with these people is the closest I’ve come to feeling like I’m on a team again since my college football days. I’m on a “team” at work , I’ve been on a softball team but these don’t compare to the team feeling I get when I finish a tough workout with my friends.

Yesterday’s workout
5 min AMRAP
5 Bar MUs
15 over the box jump overs (no touching)
4 rds plus 3 MUs

Muscle-ups in the workout went great, especially since this was my first workout with these guy ever. Super sore from bench press and the muscle-ups but other than that not much to talk about.


Today I did some mobilizing, hot tubbing, and getting massaged-ing?. The massage was interesting. It was with Luis from Cuba. It turns out he was an Olympic lifter from the ages of 10-16 then at 17 decided to get into Oly coaching. “I was lifting several times a day with a bunch of crazy Russians!” Isn’t that insane? I think I learned what a clean and jerk was at the age that he decided to give up competing in a sport and to coach it. Anyway he hit all the spots that hurt and I feel much better. Luckily, “it” never moved so we’re good there. After the massage we talked more about lifting and he said I was strong in the upper back but very weak in my lower back and glutes. He said there was very little muscle. He told me this 4 times. I was a little offended. I think my upper 400# back squat speaks for that. Oh well, I’ll prob schedule another seshy with him, he knows what he’s doing.

Silver Linings Playbook

I finish it today. Read the entire thing in less than two days! Definitely a literary PR. Wait, can I cross genres like that? Any nerdy meatheads got anything for me??

I can’t wait to lift tomorrow night. The seminar starts at 6. We’re leaving around 1 for New Orleans. I have high hopes for these next few days. I cannot wait to compete against the studs that will be at this camp. I’m just as nervous as I am excited!




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