Kind of liking this…

Shout out to Bri who is probably, maybe? reading this. Please excuse any grammar issues. Writing publicly can be tough when your girlfriend has a Master’s degree in comm from Tulane.

First thought

The way people act is very strange. There is this guy at my office that every time I greet him he does this head nod and blink thing. It’s blatantly obvious. This is not the strange part. The strange thing is now every time I see him I find myself doing the same action, not to that degree but I am nodding and blinking to some degree. I find myself mimicking people’s actions more and more everyday. I am guessing I have always done this but just was not as self-aware as I am now. It is a very strange thing to do and more strange to notice consciously and not be able to stop subconsciously.

Following the Outlaw Way

I started CF around mid-August. Being a former athlete I believed I could be pretty successful in it. Starting out, I was able to do most things better than everyone else at my box. I thrived in strength exercises and workouts that just required working hard. Other people could do double-unders better than I could and pull-ups more efficiently. Ever since then it has been my goal to not only be better than everyone, but much better. I did not want people to finish within a less than 3 minutes of me. As I continued to get better I did a couple of competitions. I finished 4th in the first and 7th in the second, both disappointing. I think if I did the first competition now I would improve as for the second I am not sure, there was some solid competition there. I started looking online at the pro’s times and wow, I am no where close! Anyway, it was then I realized the box’s regular workouts just were not enough for me. Not that the programming was bad but for someone who is trying to exercise competitively more volume and more challenging conditioning is needed. 42 year old soccer moms probably do not want to 150 back, front, and overhead squats with 150 shoulder to overhead with 40 pull-ups. I have been following TOW for close to two months now and I have seen an insane amount of progress. My Oly lifting has improved tremendously. My conditioning has also improved greatly. Some of these workouts are tougher than the workouts I had in college football. I dread/look forward to them. I hate/love doing them.  I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life and hope to only get better. My goal is to make regionals this year and TOW has provided a tremendous template to accomplish this goal. I will discuss regionals and my thoughts in a future post.


I’ve read 178/279 pages in Silver Linings Playbook. I have no doubt that is some kind of record for me. 178 pages in one day is unheard of. Red wine, some Beethoven, and a good book is a great combo.I hope to knock the rest of it out so I can get a start on the inaugural book of AltArd or was it Brian or Ryi Book Club (the book club that consists of me and my now Korean girlfriend, she’s a white American teaching abroad).

2/21 Training

Off-day. Went to the chiropractor and got in the hot tub. Still sore today.

2/22 Training

Strength is some bench press and pull-ups. The workout also calls for an exercise called top of the dead lift but it jacked my back up some I am staying away especially since the Open is less than 2 weeks away.

5 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

5 Bar Muscle-Ups
15 Box Jump Over 20″
-rest 1 min-
2 min max effort Ring Dips

Tonight will be the first night I do bar muscle-ups in a workout. I whined and whined until my gym finally order a pull-up bar that allowed for muscle-ups. I guess we will see how that goes. I am not sure how I will fare in this workout since I have never done bar MU’s in a workout. Some of the beasts in Outlaw have posted 5+ rounds. I am aiming for 5. I like this idea. I can hold myself accountable since I have no one to push me while working out by myself. I also have to wait for Andrew to let me know what he gets so I can beat him, haha.


Tomorrow I will most likely do my box’s workout so I am not dead for the training camp on Sunday. I also am getting a massage from a dude for the first time ever, named Luis. I hear good things about him and that guys give better massages in regards to athletic purposes. I would still rather get one from Bri but her massage would probably not do too much with her being 7251.5 miles away (just looked that up).

I am getting very excited about the Outlaw Training Camp which I have already mentioned but it almost feels like Christmas. 3 days of Olympic lifting and conditioning, what else could be better?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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