Hmm, will anyone read this??

So I guess I will start a blog. I doubt anyone will read it. My girlfriend probably won’t even read it since she cares very little about competitive exercising and whether or not I can clean and jerk more than 2 of her or can bust out butterfly pull-ups in a moment’s notice. I want to start a blog mainly for myself to kind of track my day by day progress and how I am feeling in regards to my quest to the South East CrossFit regionals.

I will probably blog about other things that no one cares about like the awesome book I just read, the awesome post workout casserole I just cooked, or how much I hate everyone that I know.

Today is my day off. As is pretty normal I am wrecked after the Monday-Wednesday Outlaw workouts. Wrecked! After work I plan on going to the chiropractor then going to Globo Gym to get in the hot tub and swim a lap or two. When I get home I’m gonna roll out the thighs and the rest of my myofascial tissue, got to save the thighs! I hope to wake up feeling like a new man and then ruining myself again on Friday. Saturday is usually my favorite day as Rudy usually programs some hardcore workouts, I can utilize my patented (not really) 2 hour process (basically eating 2 hours before and taking a preworkout 1 hour before) and it’s fun hanging out at the gym with all of my fellow CFers for a while. However, this Saturday I won’t be participating in Outlaw Saturday. I am going to their training seminar Sunday through Tuesday. I am absolutely stoked about this! I think this weekend will be a huge step in my CF “career.” Hopefully they can work on my terrible snatch and ok C&J. Also I hope Elisabeth Akinwale doesn’t beat me up but teaches me her awesome ways. I really hope she coaches this camp.

I have been exclusively following the Outlaw Way for almost 2 months but I was hurting so bad last night that I just did my regular gym’s WOD. It was “mile Fran’ which is 400m, 21 thrusters, 21 pull-up, 400m, 15thrusters, 15 pull-ups, 400m, 9 thrusters, 9 pull-ups, 400m. I ended up with 10:47. Okay time. Maybe could’ve done a little better. I improved by 2 minutes from when I did Fran then a mile but that format was much harder I would say. The biggest accomplishment of the day was butterfly pull-ups finally began to click! This is huge for me. I could kip for days but not butterfly. I do not know the exact conversion but I would say 1 kip= around 2.5 butterflies. Needless to say in competitions butterfly pull-ups are a necessity. I can’t wait to do them again. After Fran I probably did an additional 60 because I want to keep practicing because I was so excited. I wanted to tell everyone but obviously like 2 people even care, oh well. I’m happy!

In my literary life, I finished Aldous Huxley’s critical essay on his book  Brave New World. The book was very entertaining and thought provoking. I enjoyed reading his critique even more than the book. At lunch I started The Silver Linings Playbook, so far so good. It is nice to go from a complex, cultural satire to a story about a crazy person (what I gather so far in the first 60 pages). Also, I am surprised I like the book so far, usually I hate every book until page 100.

So this is my first blog, killed 20 minutes. I like it so far.

*And why do I have a pinecone as my cover photo? Hmm, I need to change that.


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